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What are the .HEIC and .JPG formats?

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HEIC Format

Heic is the file extension of the new format used by Apple on its iOS 11 (High Efficiency Image File or HEIF) devices. Thanks to the new compression algorithm that uses the .heic format, the files provide an excellent image quality occupying less space than the Jpg files. Its developers are the same as those of the MPEG format. This type of files allows you to store, in addition to the image, another type of data such as extra information from a photograph, text, gifs, audio etc. Something that makes the .heic extension save space and bandwidth, is that it divides the image into independent frames for its subsequent loading as separate complete tables. Currently and given its characteristics, this format is considered one of the possible substitutes to .jpg

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JPG Format

The Jpeg Format (Join Photographic Experts Group) is the most popular image file standard in the world, almost all cameras and photographic devices use it by default. Its file extension .jpg, is characterized by its degree of compression. At higher compression, the file.jpg will occupy less space, but its quality will be affected. We can compress and decompress Jpg images but the loss of quality is cumulative. Currently the .jpg is the most popular image processing format in the world, but now he has a rival and a possible substitute: the .heic file.