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Versatile bait station for mice and rats can be mounted sideways or even upside down to gates, fences and wall tops. Harris Rat and Mouse Bait Station is an ideal tool for quick execution of rodent populations. The load and lock design is easy to use, simply place stations. Put bait boxes near rodent burrows, against walls or along travel routes used by the pests. Rodents usually will not go out of their way to find baits. House. The TOMCAT® Rockscape Bait Station provides discreet and effective control of Norway rats, roof rats, and house mice outside, stopping rodents before they. Stations · Bait & Multicatch Stations. Bait Stations. 59 product(s) found. Sort by: Item No. - ascending, Item No. - descending, Title - ascending, Title.

Rodent Bait Stations · Tin Cat See Thru Lid · Bell Rodent Baiter · Bell Protecta Original Rat Feeding Station · EZ Klean Station Kit with. In secure areas, where the risk of non-target exposure is low, station design can be as simple as a board nailed at an angle between the floor and wall, or a DURABLE AND WEATHER-RESISTANT: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, our rat trap station is made from durable materials that provide long-lasting performance. Victor® Fast-Kill® Disposable Bait Station is an economical and quick way to rid your home of mice. Bait blocks are made with high-quality, bakery-grade. Food as Bait. Bait stations rely on compounds called rodenticides to control mice. On the other hand, to draw the pests to traps, homeowners may use common. Bait Stations & Accessories Veseris delivers the products, training, and expertise to help customers drive business growth into — and. Control rodents effectively with Tomcat® bait stations. Disposable and refillable options. Buy online and get our products shipped to your door. Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Disposable Mouse Bait Station - 2 Pack · Dual-entry design encourages rodent activity · Mouse poison bait stations come pre-loaded and. Wide selection of professional grade rat bait stations and rat boxes to handle the rodent problem at your house or business. The Aegis-RP bait station is a high-quality bait station that saves you time and money, and accommodates bait, glue boards or traps.

Rodent bait and bait stations will keep your property free from rodents. We offer a variety of options from top brands to suit your needs. Shop today! Rodent Bait Stations keep children, pets and non-target animals away from poison while making the bait more attractive to rodents. UltraBait Vandal Resistant Bait Station.. Prices Starting At $ Raptor SL Magnetic Bait Station - Single: The RatX Bait Station is a great way to deploy RatX Bait Discs in an infested area and provide a comfortable space for rats or mice to crawl into. We recommend the Solutions Tamper Proof Rodent Bait Station. Its durable, plastic construction protects bait from the weather, children, and unwanted animal. Stations · Bait & Multicatch Stations. Bait Stations. 59 product(s) found. Sort by: Item No. - ascending, Item No. - descending, Title - ascending, Title. Wilco Rodent Bait Stations for Placing Rodent Bait. Wilco offers two bait stations, Wilco Rat/Mouse Bait Station and Wilco Ground Squirrel Bait Station. Easy to access and refill, RatX® Bait Stations are safe for use around people, pets, and predators, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor rat control. Rodent & Animal Control. Protecta Evo Express Bait Station. $ Protecta Evo Landscape. Quick View. Rodent & Animal Control.

If the goal is to kill the mice, why not use Traps instead? Bait Stations allow the mice to consume the poison and then they can go anywhere -. The RBS1 - EZ Secured Rodent Bait Station sits on a concrete block constructed of Type I/II Green cement that meeds LEEDS specifications. Bell's tamper-resistant PROTECTA Bait Stations are an integral part of baiting. They keep bait away from children, livestock, pets and other animals, as well as. Looking every bit like a rock, PROTECTA EVO® Landscape is a rat-size bait station designed to blend in with the outdoor environment. Toxic baits often are used to reduce damage caused by. Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) and house mice (Mus mus- culus). Using bait stations in rodent control.

How to Make Mice and Rats Disappear in 60 seconds without using Poison or Traps

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